Monochrome Destiny Series

Monochrome Destiny is a trilogy of books following science teacher Robyn Darrow’s journey though sinister secrets and deadly danger.

Throughout the series Robyn shows colossal courage and ruthless determination to fight for those she loves.  Despite physical constraints, Robyn is a strong female character who will risk everything to prevail.

As the plot darkens with each novel (these books are not for the faint hearted) Robyn finds increasing strength by learning to accept help from those around her.

Not only are these stories horrifically dark, suspenseful and unputdownable, they also show Robyn’s emotional journey as she fights many fears.

With incredible hot sex with a man too perfect to not be hiding some dark secret of his own, this trilogy will keep you turning pages until the small hours – that is, of course, if your own fear hasn’t made you lock the book away for the sake of your sanity!

Download book 1 Monochrome Destiny – Carved in Stone nowCarved in Stone cover

Book 2 Monochrome Destiny – Written in Blood   also available to download nowWritten in Blood cover


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