The free promotion results!

Carved in stone was available for free on 12 September for one day only.

Carved in Stone cover

Being new to marketing I focussed the promotion of the free day on Facebook.  I sent out three separate posts about the event and shared each of them three times during the day.  The results were that I had many people like and share my posts, particularly those that were sent out mentioning that I was a local author in Tewkesbury.  How many of these shares resulted in someone downloading my book I cannot tell you because I had two other prongs to my advertising, but it was nice to see my book out there.

I approached four websites for free advertising and saw my advert on only one of them during the free promotion (  I can’t complain about the lack of uptake of the advert as I did leave the promotion late in the day to organise and only gave the sites three days notice to place the ads.  Next time I will know better.

One site I paid for.  For the princely sum of $1, Snickslist advertised my book for the day of the promotion.  I have to say that I like this site.  Registering is easy and uploading the advert was simple.  I probably should have spent more time making something eye catching to draw people to my ad rather than the hundreds of others, but as you need to upload your ad on the day of the promotion it was way too early to be thinking straight.  (Next time I’ll know better).

I also set up a Twitter account (and no I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with Twitter) and sent tweets about the promotion to ten sites, many of whom re-tweeted the ad.

All in all I think that I did okay for a first promotion.  I certainly didn’t get the thousands of downloads that some authors have managed but I got enough to be keeping my fingers crossed that some of those readers will leave me a positive review or two to further boost sales.

The main thing that I am taking away from my experience of this promotion is to be more organised.  Just placing your book for free is not going to get you sales. Your book needs to be visible so that you connect with the right readers.  I have four days left during my current cycle of Kindle Select to run free book promotion days.  I am going to book all the dates now and start setting up my advertisements now for all of those dates and not work one day at a time.

Watch this space for dates.I


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