12 September-First free promotion day!

I have decided to offer book 1 of the Monochrome Destiny series ‘Carved in Stone’ for free on Saturday 12th September, to increase readership.


Carved in Stone cover

Marketing for this event will be through Facebook, twitter, four lovely websites that advertise free download days and word of mouth.

Fingers crossed that I manage to achieve some exposure and increase my number of reviews, particularly in the US as reviews on amazon.co.uk do not appear on amazon.com-annoying really.

Having looked at many other peoples experiences with free promotions online I really do not know what to expect as there are claims of anything from 44-30,000 downloads achieved.  Not being overly optimistic, and considering that I haven’t been particularly organised in advertising the event, I am aiming for 200 downloads.  Watch this space to see what I achieve.


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