Why Self-Publishing?

After following the traditional route of sending out chapters of my book “Carved in Stone” to publishing agents, I decided that I had not the time, nor the stomach, for the inevitable rejection letters.  To be honest, I never thought the book was devoid of merit and at least that kept me from putting my head in the oven about it.  What I did think however, and I am sure that there are those who would disagree – but frankly, that’s you own opinion – was that I had not written the right kind of novel for the British publishing market.

You see, I like to read fantastical novels about action, adventure, danger and romance, most definitely romance and not the sloppy sort.  What I really hate to read – in fact, I would rather boil my own head than even pick up – are books on depressing abuse, child trauma and general wrist slitting ‘oh woe is me’ stories that make the reader depressed.  I never could fathom why anyone would want to read something that made them feel worse about life.

After looking at what was being championed by the British publishing houses, I realised that my fictitious, action packed, dark and sexy story was not exactly up their street.

My alternative was therefore to approach American publishing agents and houses.  But there was one teensy little problem with that.  As much as I would love to have an agent guide me though the dark, twisted forest that is publishing, I am afraid of flying.  I am positively terrified of crossing the Atlantic with all that turbulence, in a small metal tube built to a budget and flown by someone I don’t even know. Call me a control freak, but that’s the truth.

So I came to a decision, somewhere around my fortieth birthday, that I would try self-publishing the book.  And that’s exactly what I did.  “Carved in Stone” was uploaded to amazon along with its sequel “Written in Blood”.

My original intention, being an unknown author who has already written the third novel and started on two other stories, was to release the first book for free and charge a minimal amount for the second.  I’m not looking to get mega rich over this, I just want to see my work out there, get some followers and hopefully give my readers a few hours of indulgent pleasure.

That is when I hit problem number one.  Amazon doesn’t allow you to publish books for free.

So now you know why I am on this journey and the first hurdle I have encountered.  Keep following to find out my next step.

T L Blake – Excited and a bit bemused.


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